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Pros & Cons of Custom vs Off the Shelf Software | Hertman Technology: https://blog.hartman-technology.com/2018/03/15/custom-software-off-the-shelf/

Are you struggling with making up your mind between ‘should I buy ready-made software or should I get one made for my company?’ To be honest it’s a tough decision but not that hard though. Here is why:


Making a fair point; As the name suggests, bespoke software are flexible to your process needs but pricey, while your processes are limited by design in the off-the-shelf software option, but they are cheaper.


Let’s explain further; Both are great. Depends on what you need done and how quickly. The good news is that we’re here to help you make an informed decision.


It’s great to look into all aspects of the products and services required to support your business. Smart business people always weigh their options in terms of what they can do themselves, or what they can buy from the market. And even when buying from the market, the options could be ‘ready-made’ or ‘tailor-made’ – in the software world, both ‘off-the-shelf software’ and ‘custom software’ aka ‘bespoke software’ have their advantages.


Let’s have a look at some aspects on both sides:


Off-the-Shelf Software:

Ready-made software have a user experience you can relate to. They may have reviews, bugs already fixed and sometimes you may find staff that is trained on using them. In many cases, it will be a cheaper option. The biggest advantage of ready-made software is that it is like instant coffee – simple and fast –just add water and it’s ready. In other words, just plug and play. Life’s easy with ‘ready-made’.


However, just like instant coffee, you will have to live with what you get. You won’t be able to do exactly what you want nor will this software fit your needs 100%. You will be a prisoner to the developing software company’s ideas with little or no influence of your own. That can be a serious limitation if you wish to grown in all directions without any limits set by a software. There are many great options in ready-made software too, for example Microsoft, Google, Apple, all have made software that make our life easy.


Custom Software:

Bespoke software, on the other hand, can be a real mental challenge. Developing one may require all your creative juice with added sugar. You will need to put your mind to work to research, and write things down, make lists, doodle process boxes with arrows – and then cut them out, invent a process, and problem solve, and firefight and go back to the drawing board several times. You will have sleepless nights and will explain things to a computer geek with no sense of humor (seriously, some of them are like robots with no feelings– who care little about your passion and more about the computer codes! – not always true but true more than we like) – And then, you’ll find out that it costs an arm and a leg. Ouch!


However, after all the hard work and money sacrificed, you will have a software that is especially developed for your business. That optimizes your business processes not being a slave to someone else’s mind. It is YOUR invention making you credible and will show your clients that you mean business – which in turn should bring in more clients – meaning more revenue for you.


This should also cut cost a many levels as it will save you from hiring extra people and will seal the cracks created by human errors (money saved) and possible cash loss (money saved again) – you will have your whole business process at a glance on your mobile and computer screen. Your software will be uniquely tailor-made to fit your needs – it will be modifiable to adapt to your changing environment. It will give you exclusivity over processes giving you an edge over your competitors making you efficient – now that should attract more customers!! (Money comes in).


Furthermore, if you really look at all the benefits, custom software may actually be a better option economically in the long run. And like freshly grounded filtered coffee, you will enjoy it more. There are several custom software development houses providing excellent service. For example, Techverx has worked on some brilliant projects – such companies help you convert your ideas into a working software!