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Convert Your Leads To Sales

Keep your customers fascinated

Here’s a scenario, imagine your advertisement, or social post attracts customers that visit your website. However, no matter how many they are, you aren’t getting as many sales as you expected. What did go wrong?

To start things off, getting potential customers to your site and converting those to leads or sales are two different things. But what makes your visitors stay on your website? A simple way to explain everything, is through a concept introduced by Neil Patel called C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S.


What does C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S it stands for?


Clear CTR offer a narrow focus via effective headline, resolution-savvy layout, tidy visuals, and social proof. Didn’t understand that? Well it’s what C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S stands for.

How can ‘C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S’ help?


Taking into consideration the concept as an abbreviation, C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S, each letter stands for an element that your website, or a landing page, should have. It can help you design your website better, boosting your potential leads to sales. Which marketer doesn’t want that? To further explain the changes, let’s go through each part of this concept.

C for Clear CTA (call to action)


Your website needs to tell customer exactly what to do once they have decided to buy from you. For example, if they need to place an online order, they should easily be able to do it. If you need them to call you, your contact information should be right there, or if you need them to go to a store, they should be able to find that information with no effort. Don’t make them work hard to buy from you. They don’t like it.


O for Offer


Next are the offers, meaning any form of special offers or deals a website can have. Make your customers feel special, create sales offers, or discount offers, or may be a free trial. Those special offers help people like your business, encouraging them to spend more time on your website.


N for Narrow uncluttered focus


Sometimes your website or a landing page where a customer visits may have too much information to absorb or understand. This is why you need a website that is not cluttered and easier to navigate. Therefore, it’s better to narrow down each landing page’s focus to a specific product or service you want to sell. Only then, it will convert leads into sales.


V for VIA (very important attribute)


You should only focus on the main benefits or attributes of what you’re selling. Reason being too much information is hard to process and customers will not be able to take a buying decision. This could also mean losing them permanently without any chance of them returning. Therefore, landing pages should only cover the most important parts.


E for Effective headline

A headline can enhance or sink your product or service depending on how you phrase it. That is why choosing a killer headline is necessary. For that, you should have clear marking of your content by using headings. That is how you let your visitors know what to expect in the page. Any decision the visitor takes will also depend on that. Anyhow, you can be creative with your words carefully without losing their meaning.


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R for Resolution-savvy layout


Even to this day, there are people still using the classic Windows XP and still popular, Windows 7. This is why there are various resolutions of screens still used today, which differs from country to country. All websites incorporate those sizes by designing a resolution savvy layout. This layout automatically fits all elements of a website to any resolution on any device without effecting the website layout and feel. This kind of layout is often referred to as responsive website.


T for Tidy visuals


This one is in reference to last one. All visuals like the image selection should be crisp, keeping with screen size and devices in mind. Meaning, visuals should not be too big that they take forever to load, and nor to small that they are blurred out and hard to understand.


S for Social proof

Lastly, you need to have a proof that your product or service works. The best way is by using testimonials from existing users, a portfolio maybe, and social media comments that tell people that others have benefited from your work. You could even add a social section in your website that shows your social stats.




When it comes to converting leads to sale, factors that improve a visual representation that a customer will see, is important. Your website should have a perfect blend of strategy that grab a customer’s attention, create their interest in your products and increase their desire to take an action. This way your potential lead can change into a sale.


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