What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?


Digital marketing is a part of marketing that uses digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. Online digital marketing is another form of digital marking, which is mostly used today.


Based on what you know now, there are many misconceptions about it. Whether it’s about posting on social media or using social media itself, there are myths that most of us believe in, but it keeps us reaching that level of professionalism that most successful businesses have achieved already. So let’s look at myths you are believing in and aren’t true.


Myths and truths of digital marketing


2021 is halfway over, however, digital marketing techniques are the same old ones. Since the last updates of Google and social media sites, the digital marketing game has changed, giving new business owners a fair chance to gain a proper following to boost their brand. However, these following myths are actually most commonly believed in, but they are actually wrong.


PPC helps in ranking.


One of the myths most people believe in is spending some money for PPC (pay per click) campaigns can help in ranking. However, that’s actually further from the truth. What you don’t know is that the Google’s algorithm for ranking websites in the organic search results is entirely different from the one used to determine Google ad placements. When you search something, you will see ads first which most people ignore and go straight to results.

See the results above. If you search ‘shoes online new york’, you can see all the ads first (even more than the picture) followed by actual results. Ranking algorithm works on organically ranked pages with good SEO, not by paying for PPC. The purpose of paid campaigns are little different.


In short, PPC does not help in ranking but having a good SEO practice and clean interface on your website is what helps it rank.


Backlinks doesn’t matter


You may have heard by ranking experts, “your sites need backlinks, lots of it”. Although back links are important factor in ranking, but getting effective backlinks are quite harder than it looks. We at Bigello tested and found out that old websites have the best number of backlinks that no one can beat. However, getting back links form there are not easy.


According to Google experts, backlinks from websites that have proven authority like news sites or similar niche websites are best for back linking. Moreover, if your visitors are sharing your website links to different platforms can also be the reason for your better ranking.

External Backlinks | Neil Patail: https://neilpatel.com/blog/backlink-quality-vs-quantity/


Finding a balance of quality and quantity of external backlinks is important as it affects your Google ranking. However, over time you will get quality backlinks anyway which will improve your Google standing. This is how most old websites are able to rank based on demography.


Therefore, backlinks matter but only from websites with authority or similar niche.


Longer content is better


One other myth most of content writers know of, is content on a website. It is true that on average, content should have 1490 words, but what you don’t know is that’s only correct if you’re writing a blog. Even that can be too long for most. What matters more in content are its readability and embedded keywords.


What happens is readers lose interest after reading about 500 words at most. The content where there are over a 1000 words, people just tend to read content they seem interesting and skip the rest. This is why most content you can find online are usually 700 words or less.

Ideal Blog Length | Hook Agency: https://hookagency.com/blog/blog-length/

During digital marketing, you need content that is engaging and easy to remember, rather than long 1500-word content that is hard to read.


SEO takes 3 months to rank


This is a little tricky one but as all above this myth is wrong. It is true some efforts take longer to work, about 90 days to be exact, but good SEO may just need a few minutes.


How is that? Simple, if your market competition is low, and you target specific niche items, SEO will effect as quick as a Google re-crawl. How cool is that.


Here are the components of Google ranking algorithm for your understanding.

Google Ranking Algorithm | Uptimiser: https://www.uptimiser.com.hk/seo-google-ranking-factors/

Too many Social platforms to Keep up with


Another myth is somewhat most ignored one. You know how many social media platforms are there? There are many. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter being the most common ones, there are countless others. However, it’s true that keeping up with them can be tough but it can be managed easily if done with some smarts.


With the introduction of Facebook Pixels, there are plugins and third party software that helps to keep up with multiple social media platforms. Like take Hootsuit for example, it’s a third party software that helps schedule and keep up with social media postings all in one page. Softwares like these help with multiple social media platforms easily.


So, are those helpful? Through automation (a process where you automatically do a process) you can make one post and publish it on all social media profiles simultaneously. Neat isn’t it? It saves time and effort that you can invest somewhere else.


So, if you still have trouble with social media, challenge us with your idea and we will provide custom tailored social media solution for you.