Is Email Marketing Effective

The Legend of Email Marketing

Email marketing is 40x (times) more effective than social media.

In the past legendary marketers talked about an important feature of marketing – Email Marketing, which is a force most business owners tap into. It has the most effective for customer acquisition than all the social media combined.


But what is email marketing?


Starting back with the dawn of internet, email started as electronic mail that revolutionized the mailing system. Today, many countries don’t have regular mailing through post offices, but stays connected using emails.


Email marketing is an act of sending email to a potential or current customer for marketing purposes. It could be in the form of an advertisement, a business request, or to solicit sales or donations.


Missing in Action?


For over 2 decades, email marketing has grown a lot, giving small businesses, well, business. It requires a little working and according to a research it has roughly $44 return per $1 spent. Crazy, right? However, most small businesses consider email marketing a breach of privacy (thanks to Facebook) as they use customer data for marketing purposes.


However, effective marketers use emails to gain returning customers and keep their business running. A good example is shopping websites that advertise their new products, sales, and promotions to their potential customers through email. To sum it up, email marketing isn’t missing; its force is taken lightly.


Effectiveness of email marketing


Moreover, if your website is a shopping website, they might leave a bad review, resulting in loss of traffic on your site. You don’t want that, right?


So, to give you an overview, let’s get to mistakes you could make that destroys your website conversion rate.


Having a Website Slower than Snail


As mentioned above, ROI of email marketing is high. To give it a perspective, its return is equal to all social media combined.

Above is an old data from back in 2017. Since the Covid-19 lockdown, it has grown quite much. The reason behind its unmatched force is its cost. It’s basically fee promotion as compared to social media channels.


How is that, you ask? You see, email marketing needs an email designing that demonstrate your products or services in an eye-catching manner.


Designing Email for Marketing


Designing emails for marketing isn’t that hard. Even though there are tools for that, anyone can do it for free. You just need a little tweaking here, a little edit there, and you get your own email marketing design.

5 critical components of email design | PinPointe : https://www.pinpointe.com/blog/critical-email-design-components

Design an email for marketing contains specific items. These include:


  • Composition: This is the basic area or size of design you should consider when designing an email for marketing. Usually, a standard viewing pane is around 300 to 400 pixels high however, you can use more for better quality pictures. Just keep in mind that it’s best to keep emails no more than 550 to 600 pixels wide, so your subscribers will be able to see emails as intended.
  • Images: “Pictures say a thousand words” is a simple quote that explains a lot. Having images that showcase your point of sale, product, or services is an important part of marketing. Making sure it clarifies your message is the best way to use images for increasing sales.
  • Color: It is said, colors can affect a person’s behavior. The same is the case with email and marketing. An email that has a specific color scheme or attractive colors and positively or negative affect your subscribers. Finding the right color isn’t that hard, though try matching email’s color scheme with your brand or website.
  • Typeface/Fonts: Nothing influences customers more that the right words in the right way. Similarly, what font you use is important when it comes to creating an impression.
    Selecting the right font for your product or services creates a lasting impression that improves your sales. Using normal or common fonts is very common, so it’s better to use a font similar to the one used on your website. Or you can use a font based on the promotion you’ll be working on.
  • Balance: None of the other components is complete without a balance. Each element of email for marketing has its own unique weight that affects a customer’s perception. Think of it as a grid that holds your images and texts of the message you want to convey. If it gets messy, your email goes to spam, and no one wants that. Select a balance that keeps your email design sorted in a cool way that keep your message engaging and help you secure potential customers.


How to do email marketing? What do I need?


Other than designing, you need to build up a client list. It’s not that hard as you think. If you are in business for about a month or so, you may have at least a few clients, including regulars. You already have their email addresses when they created an account or subscribed to your website. Create your client list from that.

Label and subject line


Before everything, make sure to have a customized ‘label’ (title of email or brand / company name) and ‘subject line’ (which usually is about 3 to 6 words). It should be unique and precise, one that differentiates you from other emails because it’s the one customer will see first. You can test it by sending email to your inbox, or you can Challenge us for our marketing email designing service.


Inside a marketing email


Next comes the email itself starting with the email body. It has the pitch of what the email contains. It’s a combination of images and texts that a subscriber sees in an email. You can add coupons, links, and promotions with pictures in a pattern for best results. Maybe add in animated/ GIF image for amazing effect. This is followed by a simple call to action or CTA for short. It’s a compelling message that makes the subscriber take appropriate action that improves your conversion rate.


At the end comes a footer which has an unsubscribe link, disclaimer statements and access to preferences center in case someone wants to change frequency of emails. After that, social media links and contact information are inserted.


Ready to use the Force?


Email marketing has an unlimited potential as it’s not going away anytime soon. With over 4400 times the ROI, email marketing is a force to be reckoned with. Social media is also important, but forgetting email marketing isn’t going to cut it. Ready to take on email marketing? Get in touch with us for FREE consultation today.