Secret Things You Should Know (About Social Media)

“If people aren’t talking about you, there’s a reason — you’re boring.”

Ouch!! But that’s a point to be noted.

As American author Seth Godin said above, post can be boring even if you think it’s great. This may dishearten few marketers which may lead to them believing Social Media isn’t important. However, it plays an important role for any business and is an essential part of Digital Marketing.

Although a viral video may get you a great number of followers which most marketers look for. However, some business owners don’t implement social networking (linking your website to all social media accounts) which results in reduced online customers.


This is a digital age and if you don’t have a good social media, your business is lacking a crucial part.


Social Media Secrets No One Knows

There are tons of studies and statistics that comes out each month that displays info about usage on Social Media. To bring it all into perspective, here are a few secrets you should know about Social Media.


1. Social Media is growing.

Social Media is stronger than before and it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Although some marketers believe that social media is becoming obsolete, that, as mentioned, isn’t the case. Take Facebook for example, it is a world of all kind of potential customers just waiting to buy your product or services. You just need to target the specific range of customers. If you think there aren’t any customers there, think about this, there are about 5 new profile accounts every second. Small world, isn’t it?

Global social networks ranked by number of users | Statisica – https://www.statista.com/statistics/272014/global-social-networks-ranked-by-number-of-users/

2. Twitter has 6 different communication networks.

Twitter is a place where people tweet about everything. However, there are some hidden things there not many people know about. According to a new Twitter analysis co-authored by University of Maryland computer scientist Ben Shneiderman, much of the conversations on Twitter falls into six distinct patterns or networks.

Why marketers need a visual influence stratergy | Uber Flip (Pinterest) – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/420101471475030840/

These patterns or networks are list as follows:

    • Polarized Crowds – These crowds revolve around political topics and communications from opposing viewpoints are minimal. To engage these crowds take “poke the bear” approach that can stir up a debate that could turn better or worse.
    • Tight Crowds – These are the crowd that share spaces of unified learning and knowledge. People come together here to share hobby or career in a tight group of people with similar interests.
    • Brand Clusters – As the name might suggests, these crowds form around products and celebrities. These clusters are fun and sometimes new trends originate from here. The trending section on twitter is filled with these clusters making it identifiable easily. Hashtags here are quite useful.
    • Community Clusters – These are common clusters formed around global news with various topics that break into multiple smaller groups. By carefully crafting the content around the ongoing news and what interests the most, you can engage people demographically and geographically.
    • Broadcast Network Structures – These are the retweeting or re-sharing network of people who share news and commentaries etc. These include media outlets and famous individuals who are in public eye which often includes public relations professionals. By staying up to date and providing information about your services or products as meaningful information to these cluster can make you viral. You need a good relation to benefit from their reach. You can try liking their posts and sharing them. Offering useful insight in comment can help too.
    • Support Network / Customer Service – These include companies and services with customer support who offers emotional or medical support on social media. People in this group provides assistance in solving your problem. Like, a small tweet or post about an issue will go a long way with all possible solutions one can get. For marketers, this cluster is important as a pre- or post-sale services to sort any known issues found by your customers.


Although it may be difficult to identify but other than twitter, the aforementioned clusters can also be found on all other social media platforms.


3. Users Love Videos More.

Videos are a great engagement tool, but it isn’t considered a part of Social Media strategy by most marketers. If you still think that too, read the last sentence again, “Videos are great engagement tool…” What we mean is people watch videos and love them, another reason why YouTube is popular. According to a survey, about 500 years’ worth of videos are watched every day, plus on average a visitor spends as low as about 15 minutes on YouTube daily.

Best social media platforms for video content | Hubspot – https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/go-to-social-media-video-platforms

4. Perfect Time for Social Media Post Sharing

There are a lot of surveys that oversee social media platform and analyze post engagements to bring a perfect time for social media postings. Starting with Facebook, it’s most active on Fridays. Maybe that’s why Rebecca Black became famous.


On Twitter, according to TrackMaven, a marketing analytics software, the best time to tweet during a day is between 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern Time (that’s GMT -5). Why? Because it’s the best time when retweets and postings are the least, increasing the odds of engagement. It works best on Sundays.


There are other timings when social media sharing is most effective. If you can take care of standing out, try sharing your posts in mornings after 6 AM, during lunch timings that is between 11 AM to 2 PM, after office evening timings between 5 PM to 7 PM and around the midnight before people goes to sleep, that’s 11 PM to 1 AM. 


5. Visual Power & the Written Key Content on Social Media.

Visuals attract users as they are the best tool for social media marketing. Social Bakers, an AI based Digital Marketing Solution, revealed that about 87% of all interactions on Facebook happened on Photo posts, whereas posts with links got 4% of all engagements. This makes choosing photos or videos a tiring process, but it should be your priority.


Similarly, written content too is an important factor in social media marketing. An annual survey conducted by Social Media Examiner states that about 58% of marketers consider Written Social Content significant, although visual content is considered more effective.

Did You Know?

Just like Google launches their algorithms that effects website rankings, social media too often updates its services to bring better experience for marketers and users.

6.    Age Bracket to Consider (Optional but effective)

Since 2012, the demography of 55 – 64 year age bracket has increased by 79%. This opens a whole range of opportunities that remains untapped up till today. Furthermore, the 45 – 54 year age bracket is growing faster too. If a company focus on mature audience, this is an age bracket to consider. This means focusing on younger generation only isn’t an effective choice, maybe a little diversification is what you need. Advertising on social media has made focusing on this bracket easier. Thanks to ads customization, you can now select custom demography with geotagging effectively.

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