YouTube is Dead

YouTube is Dead

YouTube is dead!

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YouTube is dying, in fact, some may say that YouTube is dead. And is being replaced by new players. Namely, TikTok. That is correct. TikTok is gaining more popularity among young content creators that YouTube. Stats show that TikTok is going to take over YouTube by 2030. And this is primarily because of YouTube focusing too much on established artist a lot. Who is the last artist you can recall who became famous thanks to YouTube.

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The other factor is, ‘MONEY’ – YouTube is has very strict criteria for monetizing new content. And then there are biases on what kind of content one can post. On the other hand, TikTok makes is relatively easier for the new generation to earn from their work.

YouTube is fighting back.

However, YouTube is fighting back. It’s fighting for its life and global dominance. They introduced ‘Shorts’ recently and let’s content developers upload short videos of less than 60 seconds. That is directly rivalry with TikTok – in response to which, TikTok has announced it’s going to give longer (up to 10 minutes) video options to its users. Now that’s WAR.


No one really knows the future – however, if giants like Napster and Orkut are left behind in the shadows of digital history, it can happen to YouTube too. YouTube could easily turn out to be like MySpace which has a past, but no present or future – The digital world changes fast and it’s hard to keep up and YouTube has little time to turn things around. What do you think YouTube should do? Maybe they should focus less on taglines and descriptions, and focus more on the visuals.

How does all affect digital marketing?

When TikTok takes over YouTube, hypothetically speaking, there will be a shift in marketing budgets too. TikTok will attract more advertisers – impacting the way ads are made. We may even shift to a vertical world instead of horizontal rectangles. 

Vertical World
YouTube Horizontal
Horizontal World

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