How to Guide: SEO-Friendly URL Structure

SEO-Friendly URLs have an impact on your search engine ranking. Fixing them is easy. deal. Just keep URLs, secure, relevant, short, simple, and easy to read and navigate

YouTube is Dead

TikTok is taking over video streaming and the war is real with YouTube.

Secrets of Website Navigation

38% Of People Will Never Engage If Website Content Or Layout Is Unattractive It takes about 50 milliseconds for a user to decide whether they’ll stay or leave your website. It’s crazy but true. A perfect website is built of multiple elements that define how well it is perceived. It is a fact that today… Continue reading Secrets of Website Navigation

Secret Things You Should Know (About Social Media)

“If people aren’t talking about you, there’s a reason — you’re boring.” Ouch!! But that’s a point to be noted. As American author Seth Godin said above, post can be boring even if you think it’s great. This may dishearten few marketers which may lead to them believing Social Media isn’t important. However, it plays… Continue reading Secret Things You Should Know (About Social Media)

White Hat – Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is Better Say No to Black Hat SEO With the new year, new SEO trends and predictions for 2022 are on the way, often during the website optimization process, there has been a debate of using the right method for ranking. Although there are other ways that may not seem illegal, they… Continue reading White Hat – Black Hat SEO

New SEO Trends and Prediction For 2022

Ready To Take Over the SEO Game? Check Out These New Trends! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved a lot since the early days of the internet. With new innovations in technology, Google has improved its algorithms and metrics for rankings.   Read more about Google Algorithms and Metrics, click here.   While getting ready… Continue reading New SEO Trends and Prediction For 2022

The Ugly Truth About Digital Marketing

All businesses are in the business of marketing The ugly truth about digital marketing for a new business It’s easy to give people hope about their business growth – but the truth is that it has become extraordinarily difficult to compete in today’s market. Marketing has become a walk in the park they say, that’s… Continue reading The Ugly Truth About Digital Marketing

Introduction to google algorithm and metrics

Google changes its algorithm 500 to 600 times a year That’s up to twice updates each day. Changes and improvements take time, making it a slow and steady process. Just like Google, which has improved its search algorithms over the years. This way, Google has provided us with more preferred results based on our individual… Continue reading Introduction to google algorithm and metrics

Dummy Text

Dummy Text A wonderful word Free to copy This is not our client’s real message. This is bigello’s version of dummy content like Lorem Ipsum. We feel that dummy text should tell a story so readers don’t get bored of meaningless words.  We understand that this could be distracting as you may drift sideways from… Continue reading Dummy Text

How to write the Best Tagline for your homepage

How to write the Best Tagline for your homepage Write a key introductory line on your landing page You have less than a second to grab your website visitors’ attention. That is right, less than a second. According to CrazzEgg when visiting your site, a user decides whether to hit the “back button” within milliseconds.… Continue reading How to write the Best Tagline for your homepage